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  • Fast Food Fun

    Objective: Use the Internet, Word, and Excel to find calorie and fat calories ninformation for a typical fast food meal and evaluate the data. Step 1: Decide nwhich ...

  • Fun With Excel Instructions - Portland State University

    Instructions – Fun With Excel (version 2003 or earlier). Excel is a terrific tool for ndata analysis. This assignment involves working with a set of data containing ...

  • Using Excel for Classroom Activities - edci336

    Center for Technology and Teacher Education - Microsoft Excel Interactive ... Go nShopping to Understand How Things Add Up - This is a fun online activity than ...

  • Excel tools to demonstrate

    Our purpose with this Excel tutorial is to illustrate some Excel tips that will ... Have fun! Moving to the top of the sheet. Often you want to reorient yourself by going ...


    Here are some instructions for some fun activities to complete in Excel when you n... of the Task bar, go to Programs and then look for Microsoft Office or Excel.

  • Fast Food Fun Lesson Plan

    I can use the Internet and spreadsheets (Excel and Microsoft) to find calories and nfat in a typical fast food meal. Instructional Procedures: Step One: A. Students ...


    Create a monthly budget of income and expenditures, with some money set naside for savings, for your first year out of school. Create variations of this budget nto ...

  • Excel Tutorial I

    Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet software. ... Click on the Excel window, select a cell by clicking on it, and enter: Excel is fun. Observe the ...

  • What could be more fun than Roadkill Data Analysis - People Server ...

    This paper describes how to use one such database, along with the Excel nspreadsheet program, to engage students in explorations of road-kill. What kind nof ...

  • Solving a 1st Order Ordinary Differential Equation in Excel

    Following the name of the function, “Fun” (in this case) is a list of parameters that nthe Excel spreadsheet will pass to the function. We will pass the time, t, the ...

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  •  : KICKSTART the New Year with the "Excel Lean & Mean Fitness Challenge". Discover the fun way to GET FIT & LOSE...   Refer this
  •  : Your unique characteristics determine the jobs you will excel at. Find out what they are with our fun & free quiz.   Refer this
  •  : RT @dfinke: Fun with #PowerShell and #Excel in @code. Building extensions has real possibilities   Refer this
  •  : RT @dfinke: Fun with #PowerShell and #Excel in @code. Building extensions has real possibilities   Refer this
  •  : RT @dfinke: Fun with #PowerShell and #Excel in @code. Building extensions has real possibilities   Refer this
  •  : Fun with #PowerShell and #Excel in @code. Building extensions has real possibilities   Refer this

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